Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why the Republicans Lost Part I: Too much Reagan Nostalgia

I AM SO ANGRY at the GOP right now. All this year I kept hearing from them saying, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan till the cows came home. Now I'm NOT going to BASH REAGAN but school Republicans a little bit. Reagan's DEAD! HE'S NOT COMING BACK! And now Reagan is rolling in his grave because a Socialist is President.

Earlier this year the test for all GOP candidates was "Are you Ronald Reagan?" John McCain got picked because he showed one commerical with him walking with Reagan saying, "I was a footsoldier during the Reagan years" and the stupid Republicans bought it lock stock and barrel. I agree with Laura Inghram when she said to McCain's face "What have you done for Conservatives lately?"

Reagan Nostalgia is what KILLED US this year. We WANTED a "Great Communicator" the Democrats, ACTAULLY HAD A GREAT COMMUNICATOR IN OBAMA!

All this year the Republicans have acted like Linus from "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" saying, "Ronald Reagan will come back, he will rise and show us the way to defeat Obama"

We keep making fun of Obama supporters for being so brainwashed as I have personally seen. I can't tell you how many times Obama supporters have told me that they voted for him simply because "He looks so cute!"

But the GOP are also in Ronald Reagan Zombie land mode, and if the GOP doesn't WAKE UP from the 1980's we will be losing elections for the next 20 years.

Proof? The Democrats never got over JFK, they never got over the Kennedy's. Hell they keep RE-ELECTING TED simply because of his damn last name! I am sick of hearing about the 2nd shooter and other JFK conspiracy theories, even if you solved them like Velma from Scooby-Doo do you think that John's going to come back to life?

They keep saying that Republicans want to turn back the clock, there have been times I want to say to the DEMS, "You first" because they want to stay in the 1960's. The DNC has never gotten over Viet-Nam, compairing everything in IRAQ to Viet-Nam.

I really truly feel that it's the Democrats who are stuck in the past with JFK and Woodstock Nostalgia that has cost Democrats elections: 2004 a perfect example, John Kerry who wouldn't shut up about Viet-Nam.

And then of course there's WOODSTOCK! Man...the Hippies, the Liberals, just keep going on and on about Woodstock as if it was the greatest thing to ever happen in the History of Forever...IT WASN'T! Not the Moon Landing? Not defeating Hitler? Not the founding of our Nation? Woodstock...DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! ROCK ON!

It was just a FREAKIN' PARTY! It wasn't like you signed Peace Treaties to anyone, or even stopped the war which it didn't! It was just an excuse to get high, have free sex (which sounds tempting) and play in the mud!

We've got lots and lots of old HIPPIE COLLEGE PROFESSORS who will NOT let go of the 60's and Woodstock. BELIEVE ME I'VE SEEN THEM! I live 1/2 a mile away from a college. Some of those Hippie Professors even though they've gone BALD on the top...still grow a PONYTAIL on the back to remember the 60's.

Now it's the Republicans turn, Reagan Nostalgia till the cows come home.

Next you'll be missing the 1980's so badly you'll talk about when Michael Jackson was cool, Weird Al Yankovic, Rubix Cubes, Pacman, Super Mario Bros and Techno Music.

I saw a bumper sticker on a pick-up truck that said, NO JOKE! "SCREW MCCAIN! I'M WRITING IN RONALD REAGAN 2008" And I'm thinking, "Are you crazy? He's dead! What good will that vote do? Plus he can't run for a 3rd Term!"

I heard a radio show host who was upset by McCain's first debate performance go on and on about, "Ronald Reagan where are you? Please come back to us? We Republicans are lost without you! We're about to lose to a Marxist Muslim!" Does he expect Reagan to come back from the grave? Sometimes I wanna slap them like CHER and say, "Snap out of it!"

I think Reagan would be saddened to see how much the GOP has fallen apart without him. And unless we want to go the way of the WHIG Party, we know one thing for sure we need to get our act back together.

Hell we didn't even RAISE ENOUGH money for McCain. Isn't that the area "Greedy Republicans" were suppose to be pros at?

Where was all of this Reagan talk 4 years ago when Bush Ran for re-election? Where was Reagan Nostalgia in 2000, or 1996 when we picked Bob Dole?

The reason why the GOP is having Reagan fever is because I'm afraid my worst fear has come true, WE'VE LOST OUR MINDS, our principles, heck we don't even know who we are anymore! I feel like they've already given up on everything, going insane and are entering a state of denial with a straight jacket on.

I don't want the first question from this election on to be, "Are you Ronald Reagan re-encarnated? Are you Ronald Reagan? Are you? Are you?"

Nothing against the man. I LOVE RONALD REAGAN, but if he were here he would be so disguisted with how the GOP looks right now, hopefully he'd tell us to GROW UP! We must move on without him, forget the man, but remember what he TAUGHT US. Make Reagan's policies, YOUR POLICIES. DO YOU THINK REAGAN WOULD SUPPORT OBAMA'S HEALTHCARE PLAN?

DO YOU REALLY THINK REAGAN WOULD HAVE BAILED OUT THOSE BANKS WITH $700 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT? Or do you think he would be talking about Personal Responsibility? Don't forget that the Bailout PASSED because some GOP members in the House and Senate CHICKENED OUT to the threat of a 2nd Depression!

Again just trying to get some frustration out of my system.


Reagan believed in Freedom, less government, and Individual Liberty. When was the last time the GOP talked about that? We have a whole generation of young people who have no apprecation of what real freedom is, they believe what Obama believes that you cannot suceed without government babysitting you. Instead of preaching that striving and acheiving for yourself is the best reward of all, young people today hate those who succeed and Obama calls them "Selfish" and wants to "Punish their success to spread the wealth"

So many conservatives, Republicans, and moderate (Hillary) Democrats who really feel like jumping off the roof right now may be asking, what do we do right now?

Simple, the same as we always have, SPEAK OUT MORE!

What drives me crazy about my fellow conservatives is that everybody is TOO SCARED to say what they really feel or they'll be labeled a racist or intolerant. Maybe this is because I was the fat kid in school, so remember this conservatives. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"

Talk Radio may disappear next year. I'm sick of hearing conservatives say, "OH NO! Now what I am going to do? What will I do without: Rush, Savage, Levin, Sean, Laura, and Rusty?"

Like so I constantly hear Republicans and conservatives say that "What do we do without Ronald Reagan? We got more to do?" You're acting like Rocky from "Rocky III" when Mick Died.


As it was said in the movie ROCKY III when Mick was having a heart attack, "Adrian what do I do? I don't know what to do?" Then Mick says, "You don't know what to do? After all these years together? After all this training you don't know what to do without me?" "ROCK-O YOU JUST GO IN THERE...AND DO IT!"

Okay, so Mr. T Obama has beaten' the CRAP out of us this year. But the conservatives can either retire and feel sorry for ourselves or get back into TRAINING.


So what do we do? (Rocky Music Playing) we TRAIN FOR 2010 AND 2012.

RESIST Obama's Socialist plans. DON'T SIGN UP FOR HIS FREE HEALTHCARE hang on to your private healthcare as long as you can.

RESIST Obama's S.S. Civilian Force programs, DON'T JOIN! Don't get into Obama's Community Organizing for 'Free College' PAY FOR COLLEGE yourself.

Help the poor on your own without the governments help!

If you qualify for Obama's Wealth Redistribution or his so-called 95% Tax Cut. Either don't accept it or DONATE IT TO MITT ROMNEY, OR A CONSERVATIVE PAC! Or use it to BUY THINGS then resell them and practice the thing he hates, Capitalism!

If you really want to be brave, there's something you could do now. SELL YOUR STOCKS BEFORE THE CAPITOL GAINS TAX GOES IN TO EFFECT! Get out of the stock market. Obama wants Socialism...then don't be apart of his phoney economy. Watch the DOW GO DOWN FURTHER even after he takes office.

If the economy gets better by the 2010 election, the Dems will keep all of their seats and the media will give them ALL THE CREDIT. I was planning on starting my own small business but since O-BUM-A is going to "PUNISH OUR SUCCESS" as he told Joe the Plumber then fine...THEN WHAT'S THE POINT OF STRIVING FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM IF OBAMA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO HAVE IT? Try to succeed with or without him.

Another thing we should do right now this minute is TAKE BACK THE GOP...we failed to clean house in Washinton, but we can clean house in the RNC.

You could also run for office yourself. I mean everybody and anybody reading this. Sick and tired of the leadership and candidates in the GOP, then throw your hat in the ring. NOT in 2012, not in 2010, but NOW! Remember 2009 there will be local elections, plus it will be an ideal time to save up money and launch a campaign for 2010. Even I ran for office as a Write-In candidate with only $150 budget and made 5% of the vote with only 2 weeks' campaigning.

The head of the RNCC refused to give money to Bachmann who tolded the truth about Obama on MSNBC. Thank goodness she won but very slightly. I DEMAND NEW LEADERSHIP IN THE RNCC!

EMAIL THE RNC, EMAIL GOP LEADERS TELL THEM TO GET THEIR CRAP OUT! Also email John McCain and share your rage and fear with him. Tell John McCain, "Thanks for your military service" but McCain should NOT RUN FOR RE-ELECTION for his Senate seat in 2010. McCain only did one thing RIGHT LAST AUGUST! Look for some diverse FRESH FACES!

Sarah Palin (1st Female Governor of Alaska)
Governor Jindal (the 1st Indian American to be a Governor WHO'S A REPUBLICAN)
J.C. Watts (Black Senator)
Michael Steele (Black GOP Lt. Governor)
Mitt Romney (Mormon Governor of MASS)

We need to get rid of the OLD GEEZER LOOK of the GOP, we need a make-over but keep the message the same. I'm sick of the media always dipicting us as Fat, Bald, Corp Executives with a Cigar in our mouths. YOU KNOW THAT'S NOT ALL OF THEM!

Look towards the future even in defeat.

-Mario Alexander

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