Sunday, November 9, 2008

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Now that the Election is over, with all of my passion, opinion, anger, and glee over politics seemingly to be buried within me, surging up like a Volcano ready to go off. I don't have time to make videos or JPEG images every time I feel like making a creative opinion. So I've decided to go with a blog, where I will weekly if not daily make my commentary on the issues of the day or week.

First of all about myself

I have 3 jobs and have run for office once. (This year) I believe in capitalism because it is a system my parents have strived on going from having nothing to owning businesses of their own. I am saddened to see so many people especially young people, no longer have faith in themselves, feeling like the Government is their only hope and way to succeed.
I believe that the government doesn't run the economy, it never has, it was never suppose to. We the American workers, drivers, farmers, CEO's, stockholders, business owners run and make this economy move. All government does is tax it like a mosquito and suck out a little bit of the money for itself.

"The way the Government sees the economy can be summed up like this. If it moves TAX IT! If it keeps moving REGULATE IT, if it stops moving subsidize it, if it still won't move after that nationalize it" -Ronald Reagan

I have thought of myself as a MODERATE INDEPENDENT, but over time I find myself becoming more and more conservative. (Yes this may become another right wing blog) But NOT THAT far to the right.


-Spending, spending, and oh yes, spending. I am sick of the government taxing me (one of my jobs minimum wage) to death and I don't make what "Joe the Plumber" wants to make and I DON'T BELIEVE OBAMA what so ever that 95% of Americans are going to get a tax cut. I am also just as ANGRY at President Bush for his reckless spending. I understand that we need taxes for: police, firefighters, military, schools, programs that work and building roads.

-Tax Cuts...when needed. There are times to raise taxes such as an emergency or a time of war. However I know that the less taxes are the more an economy can the government will receive MORE TAXES from all the spending by the PRIVATE SECTOR!

-Illegal Immigration. My grandmother came in the right way, the legal way, why can't you? I used to be a liberal on this issue, I used to think, "Yeah let everybody come on in!" but now I realize that they don't all come in here to help. I have asked illegal immigrants why they are here and they just tell me, "We're just here for your money, to us you're just an ATM Machine, we are trying to take our land back"

I LOVE ALL LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Those who have come here from other countries are the biggest patriots of all. However those who break the law, get passes, get drivers licenses, and get away without paying taxes PLUS get Social Security benefits are an outrage!

-Pro-War on Terror: "You blew up two of our Twin Towers, we blow up two of your countries? YOU WANNA PLAY THIS GAME?" -Carlos Mencia 'No Strings Attached'
I'm not with with their phrase, "Move on people, nothing to see here, let's just turn the other cheek and pretend that 9/11 didn't happen" GAVE PEACE A CHANCE many times in the 1990's. So far we are kicking terrorist butt regardless of what the media tells or doesn't tell you.


-I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi, or whatever, knock yourself out in your bedroom as long as you aren't killing anybody in there. Or have a meth lab.

-I don't care what you do sexually, as long as you take responsibility for your actions.

-I'm NOT a religious right winger, sure I do believe in a higher power, I'm very moderate on religion it is up to you on whether or not to go to church or be an atheist. What I DON'T like are Atheists who get in your face like the ACLU who sue the crap out of Christians who put up a damn tree! Like wise I don't like super right wingers like Rev Phelps or Pat Robertson who also want to force you into their church.

-I am 100% for wind, solar, nuclear and other alternative energy. But until we get there I also believe in: oil, gas, drilling, and mining.

-I am only for the death penalty if there's DNA evidence or more than 1 person saw the defendant do the killing, and the guy's a complete psycho and cannot be rehabilitate.

-I am for stem-cell research as long as it does not give scientist a license to play 'God' or 'Mad Scientist' by creating what they want or do something from the ficticious movie "Jurassic Park" I am 100% for adult stem-cell research and on the fence as far as embryo stem cells. I am totally against human cloning because that would make humans, "THINGS" esspecially if you clone someone for the sole purpose of "Organs"


-I'm pro-gun period end of story. The 2nd Amendment is very clear, I don't see where it's up for interpretation. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

I can understand having a license for certain guns like automatics or handguns. Plus it would be ridiculous to add WMD to that.

-I am apposed to any so called "Carbon Footprint" or "Greenhouse Caps" that would hurt freedom severely. Legislation like that would mean the Government will tell you when you can and cannot drive, or even heat your home in the name of Global Warming. Our state is very clean, and I support more clean energy, but not at the expense of people’s freedom.

-Return smoking in bars. I am NOT a smoker, I think it’s disgusting, but that does not mean I should impose that on others. In many states they have banned smoking in bars, restaurants, and are even proposing bowling alleys. Their reason? It would harm the children’s health. What? Here’s my question, aren’t children not suppose to be in bars anyway? I would keep the ban on restaurants but bars goes too far.

-Home Schooled children can stay at home to learn, as long as they are tested in the same standard as public schooled children. In some cases the home-schooled actually score much better than the public schooled children.

I will NOT tell you my real name for protection reasons and because I know conservative friends who wish to remain anonymous. But you can call me "Mario Alexander"
I am starting this blog because I am sick and tired of the so-called the conservatives not being creative enough on their retaliation in politics. One thing you've got to give liberals credit for is that they are very creative as far as Hollywood goes and their YouTube videos, but that's not to say that we can't be creative either.

I encourage more people out there to get edit bay systems for their computer and make short movies. I hope to someday make a full-scale documentary on: America, the War on Terror, Economy, Media, almost everything.

So Check the Place out, and please view my videos on YOUTUBE!

-"Mario Alexander"

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