Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Defense of the Octuplet Chick

I figured I'd share my thoughts on this with you since it's been driving me crazy. In Defense of the Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman who made national and international news giving birth to 8 kids at once, who also already has 6 children of her own.

For the record I'm NOT going to defend the fact that she's not married, not to defend the fact that she had multiple embryos implanted into her, not to defend the fact that she's on welfare. Here's just something I've noticed in the media today.

Right now the media is having a field day going after Nadya and her doctors. The media is accusing her of being "IRRESPONSIBLE" "FOOLISH" and "SELFISH" to have that many kids without having a job.

The media is even criticizing her for being on welfare. Wait? What did I just say? Yes! THE MEDIA IS CRITICIZING HER FOR BEING ON WELFARE!?

Since when do the media hate people for being on welfare? I THOUGHT WELFARE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A GOOD THING TO THE LIBERAL MEDIA!?

I can remember sob story, after sob story about families and individuals who were fired from their (evil) corporations and "Oh my! Thank Goodness the Government was there to save that POOR...hard lucked middle-class person"

The media is accusing her for being "IRRESPONSIBLE" for having too many kids without (at that moment) being able to take care for them. While that may be true, and should be criticized... SINCE WHEN HAS THE MEDIA EVEN BEEN USING THAT WORD 'IRRESPONSIBLITY' LATELY?

The media is upset with her racking up a $1 MILLION DOLLAR MEDICAL BILL. Okay...yes that's a bit much....however.




NADYA'S BILL: $1,000,000
OBAMA'S BILL: $1,000,000,000,000

At least UNLIKE BARACK OBAMA'S BILL....SHE ACTUALLY PRODUCED SOMETHING! 8 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Something this stimulus bill will not!

For the record I cannot condone her implanting that much embryos or all of this media attentions she wants. I will confess I don't like her "Gimme money if you want to talk to me" attitude. However, how can she NOT have a job after all this? Somebody's got to offer her something.

And about Nadya being "Irresponsible" today I was hearing from commentator to commentator about how "Irresponsible" she was. Oh really? Media, for once you are actually criticizing irresponsiblity? When did this start happening?

Last year all you talked about were how the home owners who were NOT responsible with paying their mortages on time were "VICTIMS" of those "Evil Banks" simply because their introductory rate ended and their intrest grew. That could have been avoided HAD THEY BEEN RESPONSIBLE AND READ THE FINE PRINT!

We've had billionares and bankers being irresponsible twice. One for giving the loan to people who have: bad credit, no job, and no means of paying it back. So then you ask for a bailout, and congress gives it to you. Then you're irresponsible with the bailout money by giving yourselves vacations and bonuses.

So billionare bankers, and foolish home owners who got foreclosed upon are "Media Victims" with the "Sob Stories" and the violen music in the background...but then comes along this Pregnant Chick who has 8 kids and the media practicly says, "LYNCH HER!!!"

Yes we need to be responsible with kids, but I also think that's the real reason why the media hates her. She represents big families, something the media loathes right now. I also think that's the real reason why the media hated Sarah Palin so much is because she didn't get an abortion with her down syndrome baby "Trig" because that's what her own doctors suggested.

What bothers me are responses I'm hearing about this story. Here are some people's comments from other blogs. A liberal blogger said that "Nadya should be arrested for creating those ecological time-bombs" (You mean children right?) The radical blogger said we need "Human population control" and that we should have a 5 year ban on having anymore children to stop global warming. Yes I know you're laughing, that couldn't happen right? Would you have believed me if I said 2 years ago that our banks would be nationalized in 2009? Would you have believed me on Sept 12th 2001 that we still haven't captured Bin Laden and that our new President is named Barack Hussien Obama?

Here are other comments from CNN's blog and the Times Online.

Are you kidding me? I cannot believe this woman was alowed to do this! -Graham WA

This is exactly why there should be laws restricting how many embryos can be planted via IVF. it should be limited too 3 or 4 to prevent this from happening. i hope those babies are ok and get a good life like they deserve even though the mother is irresponsible and selfish

Katie, Auckland, New Zealand

"The Government should intervene. There ought to be laws against having too many children. Or better yet have a 'License to breed' from the state before you can have kids of your own. Oh sure you can have sex, but abortions should start to be manditory like China has done. Our planet is at stake"

Those comments above scare the crap out of me because if there's anything the last 6 months have proven it's "Don't say it can't happen" next Obama could introduce a bill ordering that you'll have to get "Government approval to mate" Don't laugh it could happen.

Nancy Peloci when she took power said that "She was here for the CHILDREN" having the House surrounded by kids Yet last month Nancy Peloci said that people should have "MORE ABORTIONS" and more "Contraceptives to help boost the economy" What? Are you kidding me? First of all if you increase abortions, that's LESS CONSUMERS for the economy! Less future workers too. No more "We're here for the Children" comments.

Also one more thing. The birth rates have been down the past decade. Esspecially in 1st world countries. In Japan more old people are dying off than children being born. Their birth rate right now is >.01% in so much that the Prime Ministers of Japan and Russia have ordered, (I'm not making this up) a national holiday for their workers to have sex with their partners to get pregnant.

The Census has reported that white people will be in the MINORITY in America by 2050. Why? Because we're working too much and not having kids. Plus aborting 3,000,000 people sure isn't helping. So maybe this woman has actually helped increase that!

Yes this woman needs to find a job, yes she needs to help herself so that she can help her kids. But media, DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT IRRESPONBILITY OR BITCH ABOUT A MILLION DOLLAR MEDICAL BILL WHILE YOU'RE CHEERLEADING OBAMA'S TRILLION DOLLAR PLAN!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael Steele WINS!




Just like the Phoenix, out of the ashes rises a bird of fire. That's the GOP today.

Just when I was about to give up on the GOP and join the Libertarian Party. Just when I was about to declare the patient dead, just before I was about to nail the final nail in the coffin, the Republicans FINALLY showed signs of life this week.

First they announced to Obama...that the honeymoon is OVER! We were furious with the GOP for voting for the first round of BAILOUTS. This time ALL REPUBLICANS AND 11 DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST THE FULL OF PORK so-called Stimulus Package. I must say that this surprised me. I thought for sure half of the GOP would chicken out and say, "Who are we to stand in the way of history" or become the "Me Too Republicans" of the Great Depression just going along with everything FDR wanted.

But the GOP finally grew a PAIR, stood their ground, and today they also got the message that the party needs CHANGE!

For a long time it seemed like that wasn't going to happen. Michael Steele LOST EVERY SINGLE VOTING ROUND....right up until the last minute. There were 6 rounds of voting an 85 vote majority needed. All he needed was 85 but he NAILED 91 VOTES OUT OF 168.

Michael Steele was the first African American to be GOP Chair in Maryland and the first Black Lt. Governor of Maryland.

He is a moderate only because he's down to Earth. He even talked some Democrats in his state to support him.

I endorsed him back in November because I knew that GOP was wrecked and in bad shape. It also didn't have an identity anymore.

We all knew the name of the DNC Chairman Howard Dean. (Mr. Scream) But most people EVEN REPUBLICANS EVEN I DIDN'T KNOW who was in charge of the GOP who was Mike Duncan?

Duncan had been in charge of the GOP for the past TWO FAILED ELECTIONS. Once the 2008 election was over he (in a way) got down on his hands and knees begging the GOP to keep him on. Mailing letters to yours truly and many others saying the right things but his timing was terrible.

Duncan was a horrible GOP Leader NOT because we lost 2 elections on his watch. NOT because of what he DID do, but for what he DIDN'T DO.

The RNC FAILED to raise enough money during the 2008 election. Something that the Republicans used to be pros at.

Did you know that Barack Obama had 50 CAMPAIGN OFFICES in the state of Ohio? While McCain only had 3? And you're wondering why we lost?

For every dollar McCain spent, Obama spend 3 to 5 dollars.

John McCain was LEADING in the polls during the summer in the swing states of Michigan and Florida. States he both lost badly. Why?

Obama bought an HOUR LONG COMMERCIAL to be aired in October on most TV Stations in Florida. While McCain? Bought almost no airtime, other than 30 second ads. He couldn't even afford 30 minutes.

When Hillary lost, the DNC chairman of Florida endorsed McCain because he was THAT ANGRY! So did some Democrats in Michigan.

However to save money McCain and Duncan PULLED THE PLUG on campaign funding in Michigan! Really PISSING OFF the local RNC Chairman who mailed a very angry letter to McCain telling him, that he and his staff wasted their time campaigning for him, and some even endoresed Obama! No more ads in Michigan, so it went to Obama.

An Electoral College vote even went to Obama from the very red state of Nebraska! (Due to their new law that the winner does not take all, that Electoral Votes go by district instead of the whole state)

Every single Republican Congressman northeast of the Hudson river was defeated. There is NO-ONE with an "R" next to their name in the Northeast anymore because the GOP spend almost NO MONEY on campaigning in the northeast. (Somewhere Michael Steele is from) The Republicans won't even debate or argue with them. They've completely given up on New England. Something that today Michael Steele mentioned, "Don't give up on the North, we can take it back"

Instead Mike Duncan decided to focus on the South and the West. But even the WEST was WON by Obama. An area that used to be Reagan country. McCain even almost lost his home state of Arizona, Montana is almost a blue state! Colorado a state Bush won twice, went for Obama big time. McCain didn't even bother with California, Oregon, or Washington.

Duncan even PULLED FUNDING from Republicans running for congress because one by the name of Bachmann said something controversial about Obama on MSNBC! (Thankfully she won, but barely)

Duncan also failed to get more funding and support to Norm Coleman against Al Frankin. Whom they didn't even take seriously until the last minute.

After the 2008 Election the RNC website was nearly shut down because of all the hate e-mail and angry comments FROM FELLOW REPUBLICANS!

What scared me is that Duncan was ALMOST RE-ELECTED TODAY. He won the first few rounds of voting at the GOP headquarters. To in which I realized, "They still don't get it"

But then this afternoon, "THEY FINALLY WOKE UP!" I endorsed Michael Steele because we need someone who will be OUT THERE! Who will go on the news shows, who will draw attention to himself and to the party.

Michael Steele pointed out that the GOP needs to stop depending on just the Suburbs and the south. That they should try to get support back from areas never thought possible.

The fact that he's an African-American is A BONUS! At last we can prove that we are NOT the racist party. But his race was NOT the be all and end all of why I supported him, it is the fact that he is so down to Earth and will be our Great Communicator. And bring something to the GOP that we need badly, LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATION.
Congradulations to Michael Steele I jumped up and down in my apartment when I found out.

Aunt Dorithy let those Canadians know that even the LEADER of the Republicans is now an African-American.

Here is his acceptance speech. And please note...HE NEVER USES THE RACE CARD! His speech is only 7 minutes.

Listen to the above youtube video as to WHY I ENDORSED HIM BACK IN NOVEMBER!