Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Nice Even If Just For Today

For the record I do want to congratulate Obama on his Inauguration and that I want to say that I'M NOT SURPRISED that America would and could elect an African American within my lifetime. I have always believed that, it's the left that seems so shocked about it.

It is the left which has constantly said that "America's still too racist to vote for a black President" well...they've proven themselves wrong at least we can take solice in that.

For the record the first time I've ever voted in school was for class president and I voted for an African-American girl whom was only about 1 of 10 blacks in a mainly white school. Yet she won overwhelmingly because she wanted the job so badly. All I remember about her was that her name was Venus Delim.

I have also voted for an African-American DEMOCRAT for city council because I was furious at his Republican opponent for other reasons. (He lost by the way)

So do not tell me that I did NOT vote for Obama based on race. It was based on his resume or lack thereof and his ideals which I have the right to disagree with.

I personally wish Obama physically well and may the Secret Service keep him and his family safe. We cannot afford something terrible to happen to him because it would spark a race war like we've never seen.

Also note to the GOP, Libertarians, and others that his children are OFF LIMITS! Let's NOT do what the media did to Sarah Palin's kids by constantly harrassing over her daughters pregnancy.

His wife Michelle will only be fair game if she says something else controversial like when she said earlier in the year that "For the first time in my adult life I'm really proud of my country" remark.

So once again I accept Obama as President.

However it is his Socialist ideals, and his belief that Government is always the answer to everything that disturbs me and gives me the right to politically fight back.
The way the left treated Bush (sometimes deserved) was nothing short of disguisting always comparing him to Hitler. Again on my previous video on Obama I meant in NO WAY TO COMPARE him to Osama. I was very ANGRY the night I made that video. I was merely quoting OSAMA when he said that "America was a paper tiger unwilling to fight"

The only thing I HOPE for in Obama's Presidency is that he will keep his promise to continue the fight in Afghanistan. To finish off the Taliban something Bush should have done in 2002.

I will make more videos and posts on why I think Socialism is not the answer. Plus videos defending Bush and attacking Bush.

But for today, let me play nice in saying, welcome Mr. President Barack Hussien Obama. back to POLITICS.

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